TabLunch - To move applications and games from Android's internal storage to the SD Card basically quite easy. Obstacles often faced by users due to the android version that does not support those features, and restrictions on access of the application developer.

Whenever you install a new app from the Play Store and other providers then automatically installation files will be stored on the internal hard drive of tablets or mobile phones. This is because not every gadget has an additional storage facility (SD Card) so that the android operating system developers get around it that way.

For android users which have modern device specs may not be too concerned about this matter. Another case for users who have a performance machine that arguably mediocre. So inevitably they must find ways to optimize the performance of the gadget. One way is to not overload the internal storage capacity.

Please follow the steps below to move an application or game to the SD card.
  1. To minimize problems that might occur first enable the Developer Option on the Menu  > Settings > System > About phone > Build number.
  2. Touch "Build number" seven times to enable the Developer Options.
  3. Furthermore, still in the Settings section and then go to Tools > Application. In this section, select the application or games you want to move.
  4. Next will appear more complete information about the application.
  5. Select "Move to SD card".
If the button is not accessible (marked with brightly colored buttons) then you must use a special application to move the apk to the SD card. This step will be discussed in the next tutorial.

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